DCI INDUSTRY introduces a mask that is not only effective but also very comfortable, that will ensure that your loved ones will be safe from external harm.
The most important feature of a mask, is the function to protect from external harm, but another very important feature is the comfortableness of the mask.
No matter how good a mask, there is no meaning ,If the mask is uncomfortable, wearing it for a long time can be a burden, and people are apt to take off the mask, due to the discomfort they are feeling.
To many individuals that are exposed in harsh environments.
(e.g. construction workers, and medical personnels) it is crucial that a mask that is worn all day, is comfortable to wear, and breath.

  • Hence a mask that is easy to wear, breath and can be worn all day is the best (if not the only) way to defend oneself from the threat of COVID-19. Here, we are introducing to you a mask, 3 Korean specialists (otolaryngologist, dentist and a rehabilitation medicine specialist) have collaborated in making this mask. The main focus is not only function and effectiveness to protect but also how comfortable it is to wear this mask. Hence the mask named DOCTOR-SOOMEASY.
    ( S O O M -’숨’ a Korean term for breathing)

    It is our goal to make comfortable masks, so people wearing it , won’t bother to take it off. It will make a safer environment in schools, hospitals, outdoors, and what not. This is not something that we are arguing and insisting. We have certifications from EU and USA.
    : CE 2163 FFP2 / FDA (QKR / LYU)
    Also Halal Certification is scheduled within very short time.

As for us, we have been designing and manufacturing mask production facilities by ourselves, with the automation technology expertise we have accumulated over 15 years .
DCI industry will strive to develop and manufacture better masks for the health of all. Thanks you very much.


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