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Other company Our company
Mask Designer By Designer By otolaryngologist,
dentist and a rehabilitation medicine specialist
Development focus Filtering Filtering And Easy breathing
General structure 3 Layer SMS
4 Layer SMSS
4 Layer SMST
Machine Normally Purchased from outside Self-developed equipment
Production General worker General worker And enginner

S : spun bond non-woven
M : melt blown filter
T : thermal bond non-woven

Design Positioning
High Efficiency but Easy breathing

Design Concept : Easy to breathe even if worn all day long

  • FDA , (CE FFPⅡ is scheduled) Certified
  • PFE99 Grade MB Filter applied.
    Paraffin oil filter transmittance test result is over 99%
  • Finest lining applied. - Thermal bond type
  • 4 Layer structure
  • Produced in an optimal clean environment (ISO13485)

Special 4-layer(TSMS) structure mask

Inhaling should be easier than exhaling.
The static electricity of the MB filter should be stored as long as possible.
Since the static electricity is so vulnerable to moisture, the MB filter must be located far away from the mouth.

[real picture image]

[4-layer filter Mask]

  • Outer: Non-woven SS grade 50gsm
  • Filter : MB filter PFE 99 35gsm
  • Middle :Non-woven SS grade 25gsm
  • Lining: Thermal bond type 25gsm
  • Nose Wire : 4mm double wire
  • Ear Loop : 3mm, 320% Elongation
Size and fabric application can be changed according to customer requirements

This comparison is subjectively evaluated from the developer's point of view, and is not objectively evaluated by a third party.


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